Popular Management Consulting tools

Accurate strategy making system

"Digital transformation is not an end, but a means to achieve an end." The failure of past strategies mostly stemmed from the lack of information for decision making, inaccurate analysis, and ambiguous implementation plans. To this end, CPC has integrated traditional strategic planning and innovative digital tools to launch a new set of strategic tools for enterprises in the promotion of digital transformation – the Precise Strategic Planning System.

Big Data Market Exploration and Positioning Services

No more reliance on speculation and huge amount of questionnaire survey. Accurate analysis based on online survey data, coupled with the unique quantitative transformation matrix of competitive factors, provides you with precise strategy maps to make calculation with, instead of just vague images.

Digital LEAN

Upon the digital transformation and Industry 4.0, many enterprises suffer substantial losses due to failure to apply relevant digital application tools. Digital lean production focuses on the future production demands like real-time, small-amount, and diverse production, and integrates the applications of ICT and IOT. Enterprises, with the existing concept of lean production and consideration of the current business situation and development needs, implement the upgrading and transformation, at a reasonable cost, and achieve observable progress at each development stage and enhance the overall competitiveness.

ELS Smart Warehousing Construction

Warehousing management requires a lot of space and manpower. In the trend of digital transformation, future warehousing is characterized by automation, high efficiency and easy management. CPC helps enterprises adopt the electronic shelf label (ESL) structure, by integrating the existing ERP system and manufacturing execution system (MES) and using the assistance of lean management skills, so as to achieve automated warehousing and have it linked to the management to realize smart warehousing.

Mystery Consumer Service Upgrading Plan

With the rising consumer awareness and the convenience of media channels, the response to service quality easily arouses concern and significantly affects the image of enterprises. To ensure the service quality of the front-line staff, many enterprises include this as an audit item in the standard quality management processes. Based on the concept of "touching service", CPC has designed a third-party service testing mechanism. Through on-site observation by professional consultants, we help identify gaps and propose improvement plans.

Smart Production System Planning and Construction for the Manufacturing Industry

Does your company still rely mostly on manual operation for scheduling, yield monitoring and production data management? Are you exhausted dealing with demands for small but diverse orders and various urgent needs? The solution to these problems is smart manufacturing. Smart production will not be a niche of competition, but simply a basic requirement in the future. CPC is here to help you to march into the future.