Business Profile

Productivity Again Business Division

Objectives of the Division:

  • To assist enterprises in drawing up a blueprint for sustainable development, strengthening their organization, and enhancing their core competitiveness.
  • To guide enterprises on the progress towards smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and productivity enhancement.
  • To serve as a key strategic partner of the government in its effort to promote the transformation of enterprises toward smart machinery and production.

Service Projects:

  • Construction of knowledge management systems to ensure the core professional values of the enterprise as the basis of sustainable development.
  • Planning of consulting and training for enterprises for transformation toward smart machinery and production so as to create high added value.
  • The planning, consulting, training and model innovation for the management system of enterprises.
  • Promotion of consulting and training for business excellence (total quality management, TQM) and smart machinery and production.
  • Consulting, training, planning and installation for overseas enterprises towards smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0).
  • Counseling, diagnosis, consulting and talent cultivation for the upgrading of overall management effectiveness.
  • Consulting and model establishment for enterprises in the promotion of “productivity again” (smart production).


  • Automatic collection, summarization and analytical application of knowledge management in enterprises.
  • Client enterprises receiving National Quality Award on excellent management.
  • Innovative management models established of business excellence, productivity again, and smart production.
  • Introduction of smart manufacturing and business model innovation to enhance competitiveness.
  • Improved effectiveness achieved through the introduction of lean production and elimination of operations with no added value.
  • Establishment of a comprehensive performance management system to display the overall and departmental values.
  • Domestic and foreign client enterprises implementing upgraded management mechanisms to enhance productivity.
  • Introduction of structured staff training programs to raise the management quality.

Courses offered:

  • A series of technology application courses for enterprises pursuing smart manufacturing.
  • Courses on lean production and management to achieve quality service and high customer satisfaction.
  • Courses on Total Performance Index Management to enhance the management capabilities.
  • Courses on knowledge management assessment, big data analysis and knowledge management system construction.
  • Courses on the eight aspects of business excellence evaluation (National Quality Award).
  • Courses on observing, studying, and adopting the strengths of exemplary enterprises.
  • Courses on the comprehensive implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Courses on the planning and implementation of intelligent transformation and upgrading through “Productivity Again” assessment.
Digital Transformation and IT Application Business Division

This Division applies all-round information and communication technologies to assist digital transformation of our client enterprises. On the basis of "responding to the needs of digital transformation and integrating business management theories", digitized inventory, system integration, customer experience, business model reengineering, resource introduction, industry-academia resource integration, and the core of business excellence operation are implemented to assist the client enterprises in five major aspects: counseling and diagnosis (concept change), education and training (talent development), consulting (advisory), system implementation (new system), and platform leasing (new platform). The main service areas include: knowledge digitization, management digitization, manufacturing performance optimization, service experience optimization, business model transformation, and industry-academia resource integration.

Through a common database and the Internet, a project management system platform is built to achieve project information sharing, thus improving the management effectiveness and service quality. Cross-system integration technologies and cloud-based management systems, with the industry system value chain, are used to provide vertical and horizontal integration. The mobile APP support is provided to achieve effective digital transformation services. A social media platform is established with a knowledge supply chain platform to achieve information sharing and the enhancement of the overall effectiveness.

In addition to the private sector, our services are also extended to government agencies in establishing management systems for public engineering projects. The Pcals, a public engineering information management system, we developed based on CALS serves the purpose of the sharing of engineering information through a common database and the Internet and enhancing the efficiency and service quality. With the information exchange standards incorporated, more efficient and effective solutions are provided.

Cross-sector Innovation and Brand Marketing Business Division

Devoted to assisting in the growth, transformation, cross-sector integration and ecosystem co-creation of the client enterprises, this Division assists in the cross-sector integration of food and beverage industries and the consumer goods industries, with innovative R&D and brand marketing to achieve strengthen competitive advantages. We also serve the service industries in terms of brand operations, innovative R&D, the building of distribution channels, and international promotion, with the purpose of achieving business excellence. Programs like ecosystems, digital transformation, smart manufacturing and drivers of industry platforms are provided to establish the core wisdom and values. More diversified professional consulting tools, methods and systemized solutions will be adopted to provide our client enterprises with practical consultation while they pursue value enhancement and cross-sector innovation and transformation.

As a professional coaching team specialized in cross-sector integration, innovative R&D, and brand marketing, we join our client enterprises in innovative R&D and brand marketing. Our business scope includes consulting and diagnosis for startups, organization of a consultancy alliance, and facilitating the management consulting industry alliance. We are also building an overseas empowerment platform to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese enterprises, assisting the digital transformation of SMEs in smart manufacturing, and the upgrading and transformation of the food and beverage industries and the general service industries.

Service scope and projects:

1.Cross-sector integration and innovative R&D

We provide consultation to client enterprises on the planning of their growth strategic planning, assist them in designing innovated business models, and implement accurate business model calibration from the perspective of the customers, as well as fostering strong partnership in a business ecosystem to enhance the momentum of operations and development.

  • Consulting and training on business strategy making and transformation and growth: strategy formulation, vision consensus, corporate culture shaping and performance target management, review of customer loyalty and partner engagement, consultation on service capital chain and business excellence award competition.
  • Consulting: Digital consultation for young overseas entrepreneurs in conjunction with the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), projects on business strategy and international linkage counseling, SME innovation and R&D energy enhancement projects, CPC business innovation system (CBIS) counseling, digital transformation of smart manufacturing, and cross-sector value-added internationalization, etc.
  • Courses: Practical management skills courses for overseas Taiwanese entrepreneurs, open and/or in-house management training courses, management consultant certification classes, Networking of Enterprises Successors Training (NeST), courses on innovative strategic thinking, courses for R&D managers, and courses on design and innovation training.

2.Brand Marketing

As a partner for brand strategies of our client enterprises, we provide professional services on corporate brand strategies and creative marketing, to assist in the integration of creative design and technology marketing, etc. We help client enterprises to enhance their competitive advantage in brand value through coaching on corporate brand strategies, and training of the marketing personnel. The design and positioning of the corporate brand strategies are strengthened, as well as the product/service design and the marketing capabilities of both the physical and online marketing channels.

  • Corporate brand marketing strategies: Brand management diagnosis and consulting, design and application of the corporate identity system (CIS), etc.
  • Promotion of integrated virtual and brick-and-mortar marketing: Domestic and overseas exhibitions, large-scale forums, seminars, ceremonies and events, digital marketing, media planning, etc.
  • Brand export and landing development: Marketing of export products, channel matching and development, overseas certification acquisition, etc.
  • Projects of innovated design of advertisement, technical development of the food and beverage industries and its domestic and overseas promotion, and the upgrading of SME management capabilities.
Commerce Service and R&D Resource Business Division

The Commerce Service and R&D Resource Business Division includes the “Commerce Service Business Group” and “R&D Resource Business Group”. The goals are to invest in the operation, innovation, management capabilities, and R&D resources to build a platform for industry and academia collaboration for the enhancement of the competitiveness of enterprises.

The Division focuses on digital links, net-zero carbon emissions, and experience scenarios with the tasks of improving the management capacity of the service industries in order to strengthen the brand, service, and competitiveness of enterprises. We also serve as a think tank of the government to facilitate the industries in profitable investment projects. The services include: business management consultation, industrial policy promotion, and referral assistance of government resources.

Service Items:

  • Promotion of new products or services using innovative management methods and advanced technologies.
  • Assistance to client enterprises on innovative services, service design, service quality (e.g. mystery guests), management optimization, and systematic talent cultivation, etc.
  • Planning and implementation of channel matching, brand marketing, visiting groups, domestic and overseas exhibitions, large-scale forums, seminars, awards, press conferences, etc.
  • Counseling service for the service industry on GHG inventory to achieve Net Zero.
  • Assistance to government to pursue maximized effect of R&D funding to enhance the R&D innovation power of industrial-academia collaboration.
  • Assistance provided to enterprises through the "Innovative R&D and Excellence Service Teams" to enhance the innovation and R&D energy, integrate the professional expertise into a collaboration platform, introduce innovative knowledge in a timely manner, and incorporate innovative resources to serve as the best partner of innovation and R&D for enterprises.


  • Projects accomplished on the promotion of business innovation, service industry quality development, and the enhancement of management capabilities of chain industries.
  • Assistance on GHG inventory and 5S+ counseling projects for the service industry.
  • Assistance to client service enterprises to apply for grants from Conventional Industry Technology Development (CITD), the Service Industry Innovation and Research (SIIR) and the “Angel Fund” to facilitate service innovation and sustainable development
  • Assistance on the retail and wholesale of the circulation and logistics industries, and consulting, diagnostic counseling, and digital marketing assistance to industries like leisure tourism, elderly industries, etc. 
  • Assistance to client enterprises with the strategic layout and development of related businesses during upgrading and transformation.

Courses offered:

  • Innovative business model and brand marketing
  • The enhancement and management of service quality
  • Featured product development and brand marketing
  • Consultant training in the circulation and food and beverage industries.
  • Basic and advanced oral interpreting training
  • Training of smart alliance IoT and big data
  • Application of business model blueprints on the operation planning of startups
Learning and Growth Business Division
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Objectives of the Division:

To help client enterprises develop a corporate culture of learning and growth through forward-looking knowledge dissemination, and to lead the growth and development of their employees to enhance the human capital.

Service Items:

1.Publication of book series and digital services

  • Publication of Learning & Development magazine
  • Introduction of international publications, publication of technical manuals, editing service for publications
  • Digital audio-visual services on knowledge management
  • Brand event planning and implementation

2.Learning and growth service of corporate employees

  • Open courses of competency improvement: Diverse and systematic practical training of leadership, production control, quality control, business marketing, human resources, R&D innovation, AI, digital management, accounting, international trade, etc. offered incorporated with the rich experience of the expert consultants.
  • Courses of professional vocational licenses: License courses on public works, occupational safety and health management, fire safety, etc.
  • Corporate in-house training courses: Customized courses designed for the specific needs of the client enterprises.
  • Enterprises Membership Alliance (EMA) Platform: Courses available to employees from member enterprises for flexible selection and enrollment, forming a most efficient "talent cultivation platform" for enterprise managers and human resources managers.

3.Promotion of industrial policies

  • Program of Taipei City Community Care Spots Management and Distinguished Senior Citizens Human Resources Utilization
  • High-quality food and beverage industry certification model-5S+ corporate consulting
  • Workshops on elderly industries business opportunities
  • Integrated Workplace Education and Training Program of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor

4.High-quality venue service

  • Ten classrooms for general use, oral interpreting, computing, and aerobics classes to meet with diverse training needs
  • High air quality-air recirculation loop installed in the whole area
  • Epidemic prevention with infrared body temperature sensing equipment
  • Computer rooms certified for the official test of the occupational safety and health management training
  • Full coverage of WiFi
  • Government-certified accessible environment and breastfeeding room
  • Sales of management series books-Bookman Shuhai Bookstore
  • Authorized test venues of LOMA and TQC
  • Government-owned venue with ISO9001 certification
Central Regional Office

The Central Regional Office was established in March 1982, first located on the campus of National Chung Hsing University, later moved to the building of Changhua Bank Building on Fuxing Road in July 1997. With the rapid growth of business, the space was found insufficient for the functions of teaching and research. The office then moved to the current address in Taichung Industrial Park in April 2000. The is a four-story building with basement, on 4,122.33 square meters of land, covering a total construction area of about 5,084.32 square meters. The first floor is used for offices. Classrooms are located on the second and the third floors. A large lecture hall with 200 seats is also on the third floor, serving as an ideal venue for knowledge and experience exchange. A bookshop is located on the first floor to display the latest publications of management science and serve as a driving force for the business of CPC and industrial development in central Taiwan.

Major service areas:

  • Greenhouse gas inventory operation (ISO 14064-1) verification
  • Guidance on greenhouse gas inventory work and statement formulation
  • Internal and external training of ESG-related courses
  • Business management consulting
  • Training of business executives and grassroots cadres
  • Training for second-generation entrepreneurs and senior executives
  • Training for commerce, service industry and distribution industry managers
  • Planning and implementation of in-house training and human resource development
  • Consulting of smart manufacturing production line planning and related personnel training
  • Personnel training of innovation, creativity, and R&D management
  • Computer graphics CAD\CAE\CAM training
  • Training on information management applications
  • Basic skills training for industrial automation and smart manufacturing
  • Consulting, training and planning for occupational safety and health
  • Fire safety consulting and training services
  • Consulting and training on laws and regulations on the construction industry
  • Safety management on road excavation work
  • Training on the transportation of hazardous goods
  • On-the-spot evaluation and certification
  • Lease of classrooms, sale of books and media
Tainan Regional Office

The Tainan Regional Office was established in November 1957. It is located at No. 52, Dapu Street, West Central District, Tainan City, adjacent to the Koxinga Temple and the National Tainan Girls' High School. It is about 2 kilometers away from Tainan Railway Station and has convenient transportation. There are a total of 5 classrooms, which can accommodate about 250 trainees, including a 40-people computer classroom. This is a training facility certified by the Ministry of Labor, with complete teaching facilities and ample public space.

The Office mainly serves client enterprises and organizations in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan. With more than sixty years of history, our professional expertise and experience on corporate consulting has won the confidence of the local enterprises and clients, to make ourselves a long standing partner of enterprises in this area for the sustainable operation.

Major service areas:

1.Education and training

  • Courses on business management
  • Courses on occupational safety and health
  • Courses on engineering and construction licenses
  • Fire management and security courses
  • Special courses entrusted under government programs

2.Value-added services

  • Tainan Science Park training service
  • On-the-spot computer skill test and evaluation
  • License test of stacker crane
  • Media and book publishing and sale
  • Lease of classrooms

3.Management consulting

  • Smart lean management consulting and training
  • Customized planning of in-service personnel growth and development
Kaohsiung Regional Office

The Kaohsiung Regional Office was established in January 1984, and later moved in June 1993 to the current address at No. 232, Chenggong 1st Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City on the 15th and 16th floors of Taifeng Dimen Building. It is conveniently located in the Hanshin Department Store business district, only about 20 minutes' drive to either the Kaohsiung International Airport or the railway station. In addition to office rooms, there are six classrooms of various sizes that can accommodate about a total of 250 trainees. This is a training facility certified by the Ministry of Labor, with complete teaching facilities and ample public space. The Office renders service mainly to state-owned and private enterprises and institutions in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Penghu and Taitung. The major services provided are training and consultation. Over the years, we have accumulated profound experience in these two areas and have won the confidence and recognition of the local enterprises and clients.

Major service areas:

  • Planning and implementation of overall business management, quality management, corporate culture, six sigma, balanced scorecard, and on-site rationalization consulting service
  • Planning and implementation of business innovation operations, knowledge management, electronic commerce, and consultation of information integration and application
  • Planning and implementation of digital transformation and upgrading and the manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Brand and marketing planning, Facebook fan group management, enterprise official website design
  • Planning and implementation of public training courses required for the cultivation of personnel for business management and consultant training of all levels of industries
  • Planning and implementation of training for occupational safety and health, fire safety, construction industries, etc.
  • Member enterprise services
  • Publication sales and lease of classrooms
Office of the APO Director for the Republic of China

The Republic of China (ROC) is one of the founding members of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). Since the inception of the APO, the China Productivity Center (CPC) has been entrusted by the ROC government to serve as the ROC's National Productivity Organization (NPO) and set up the Office of the APO Director for the Republic of China (hereinafter, the "Office") to carry out related business.

In addition to its active participation in APO-related affairs and programs on behalf of the ROC, the Office collaborates with partners to enhance productivity and promote sustainable socio-economic development in the Asia-Pacific region. By fostering international linkages, we aim to strengthen the ROC's capabilities in developing industry technologies and managing businesses. Through these efforts, we seek to enable the ROC to play an increasingly significant role in the APO and expand substantive diplomacy and economic exchanges with other nations.

In 2013, the Office successfully applied to the APO Secretariat for the establishment of the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (COE on GP) in the ROC. In 2019, we established the Center of Excellence on Smart Manufacturing (COE on SM), which signifies that the ROC's expertise and efforts in related fields have earned international recognition. Through the platform of these Centers of Excellence, our office dispatches experts to the target member countries to promote exchanges in line with our government's "New Southbound Policy" to create favorable conditions for exporting high quality green technology and highly valuable smart manufacturing capabilities.

1.Major Types of APO's Annul Programs

  • Multicountry Programs: including Research, Conferences, Forums, Observational Study Missions, Workshops, Training Courses, APO e-Courses, etc.
  • Individual-country Programs: including Specific National Programs, Individual-country Observational Study Missions, Bilateral Cooperation between National Productivity Organizations (NPOs), Development of Demonstration Companies, Technical Expert Services, etc.

2.Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (COE on GP)


  • Making APO COE on GP an internationally renowned green productivity technology cooperation platform.
  • Improving the green productivity of the member countries and creating a vision of sustainable and shared prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Promoting the development of green industries in the ROC.

Focus of Work:

  • Stimulating the momentum of green leadership in Asia by organizing green benchmarking studies in Asia and observation and study missions to Europe and America.
  • Enhancing green technology capabilities and providing services to member countries by studying and analyzing the situations and needs of member countries, conducting expert seminars on technology, providing green technical expert services, and promoting demonstration projects in member countries.

3.Center of Excellence on Smart Manufacturing (COE on SM)


  • Assisting APO member countries to upgrade their industries, seeking ways to introduce smart equipment, and enhancing production efficiency and added value of enterprises through expert experience sharing and visits to model manufacturers.

Focus of Work:

  • Assisting APO member countries in applying Industry 4.0 technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Assisting enterprises to enter the global supply chain by incorporating CPC's "MES + Smart Manufacturing System".
  • Conducting international training courses using the facilities of the "Smart Manufacturing Experience Ba” at CPC's Central Regional Office.
  • Constructing an "Enterprise Smart Manufacturing Development Service Platform" to help build real-time/visualized management systems and customized service models.
  • Integrating the expertise of domestic upstream and downstream manufacturers to provide total solutions to member countries.
  • Exploring business opportunities in constructing smart cities in member countries, and providing professional counseling and consultation services.
Comprehensive Planning and Customer Service Center

This is an intelligence and strategy value-added center of CPC. Through strategic thinking and professional research methods, with advanced management knowledge adopted, we provide the data analysis basis required for the formulation of various projects and strategies, and provide various analysis services in the business process of enterprises. These include business information and analysis of internal operations of the enterprises, from customer demand forecasting to satisfaction analysis. Big data and new knowledge management services are added to assist the client enterprises to adopt information in the business process and transform it into knowledge that can improve business performance, while, at the same time, value connection is made with external customers to build a value network in the digital age.

Our main service is market and industry intelligence analysis, with the results of analysis connected with the follow-up strategies of the enterprise to form specific strategies. The related service items are as follows.

Service Items:

  • Big data analysis of customer feedback and brand recognition
  • Business model analysis and innovation guidance
  • Various investigation and research designs
  • Corporate strategic planning and guidance
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Customer behavior analysis and service design


  • Strategic planning for market competition for Mercuries & Associates
  • Research on the Urban Development of Jimei District, Xiamen
  • Satisfaction survey of businesses at the science parks
  • Public library user satisfaction survey
  • Development of intelligent application platform for business service industries

Courses offered:

  • Research and survey design
  • Big data application and data analysis
  • Break through the bottleneck of thinking: creativity and logical thinking enhancement
  • Enterprise business model analysis and innovation training
  • Strategic planning and guidance (corporate in-house training)。
Local Revitalization Business Division

The goals of the Local Revitalization Business Division include: promoting the revitalization of local economy, realizing the common prosperity of people, creatures and the environment, taking stock of and integrating local cultural heritages, promoting friendly agriculture, assisting farmers and indigenous groups to effectively control the quality and output of agricultural products, offering the products and services of utmost values, assisting local markets (including night market stalls) to pursue innovation and transformation, raising the efficiency of traditional markets and agricultural production, so as to improve the income, quality of life of local residents and provide enough incentives for young people to return to their hometowns to live and work and to inherit the rich local culture and create new values.

The Local Revitalization Business Division is actively engaged in the activation of local industries, assisting the startups by aborigines, agricultural management innovation, young farmers' services, smart agricultural matching, agricultural entrepreneurship, agricultural center-satellite system and agricultural strategic alliance, government resource management, international and domestic marketing of agricultural products and their processed products, and integrated professional services such as local industry innovation, management and brand marketing, etc. for local industries.

Service Items:

  • Management, planning, training, consulting, coaching and sharing and promotion of the sixth-level industry integration.
  • Inventory, planning, integration, sharing, innovation and acquisition of related resources for local revitalization.
  • Innovative business thinking and methods, assisting market planning and joint procurement to shorten the product supply process. • Planning and realizing the improvement of the traditional market environment based on consumer expectations and government policies.
  • Strengthening the integration and added value of agricultural operation, the organizational integration, and the expansion of operation scale and value.
  • Planning the matching between marketing channels and production area, brand marketing, visitation, domestic and foreign exhibitions, etc.
  • Assisting the matching, planning, experience sharing and international promotion activities of smart agriculture projects.
  • Implementing the policy of young farmer settlement to encourage young people to join agricultural production and marketing.
  • Promotion of Food and Farming Education and certification of food and farming education trainers, to promote the concept of local consumption.
  • Revitalization of the agricultural production and marketing groups and farmers' associations, as well as consultation, diagnosis, advisory and review services.
  • Assisting in planning, management and consultation, and building an agricultural center-satellite system and agricultural strategic alliance. • Incubation assistance to indigenous entrepreneurship and new startups to enhance the business management performance.


  • Planning and design of software and hardware facilities improvement in traditional markets, and enhance the service, quality and performance of market shops. • Implementing a real-time information system on agricultural production and the use of agricultural land, to assist brand making of the domestic livestock industry.
  • Management of the designated agricultural leisure zones and “Country Mami” group resources, to successfully integrate the leisure agricultural areas to provide high-quality services.
  • Assisting farmers' groups in building an intelligent management mechanism, to effectively integrate production and marketing so as to ensure the value of agricultural products.
  • The training of farmers on the demand for smart production, to seek the most suitable system to integrate and implement smart production.
  • Promotion of food and farming education and certification of food and farming education trainers, to build up local links to promote the concept of local consumption and ensure carbon deduction.
  • Managing the supply and demand relationship of the agricultural production and marketing groups and farmers' associations to strengthen the agricultural center-satellite system and the agricultural strategic alliance.
  • Assisting start-up teams by providing advisory on planning to lay the foundation of operation management.
  • Incubation assistance to indigenous entrepreneurship and new startups to improve the organizational mechanism and strategies and enhance the operation performance.

Courses offered:

  • Balanced production and sales of agricultural products to develop a win-win strategy; establishment of quality branch for production and sales.
  • Planning for effective production and control the progress of harvesting and supplying from the perspective of consumer demand.
  • Providing better quality of production services based on the management of agricultural products, processed products and supply and marketing logistics.
  • Brand development for domestic and foreign marketing of agricultural products and cultivation of marketing professionals.
  • Establishment of designated agricultural operation zones to preserve fertile agricultural land and integrate the innovative values of local agriculture.
  • Promotion of the cold-chain management of agricultural products to enhance the quality and added value of agricultural products.
  • The core positioning of farmers’ associations and agricultural enterprises, as well as the conferences to achieve consensus on the short-, medium- and long-term operational goals and strategies.
  • Implementation of technologies for smart agriculture, automatic data retrieval, and the application of IoT and data analysis.
  • Business model and blueprint planning for start-ups, from market insight, assessment to value innovation.