Networking of Enterprises Successors Training (NeST)

Networking of Enterprises Successors Training (NeST) is a program specifically organized by CPC for the new-generation entrepreneurs. It is designed based on the learning styles observed from the new generation entrepreneurs and the incorporation of Education and Entertainment into the innovative learning style of ” Edutainment.” Participants are expected to learn in a carefree atmosphere. NeST aims to become the No. 1 platform of learning and growing for enterprises successors in the Chinese societies.

Brand design concepts:
NeST Logo
Solid foundation, innovated trend:
The acronym of "Nest" suggests that the enterprises are like nests built by the founders. These nests all have solid foundations but would need the continued effort and contribution by the successive generations for further development.
Humble start, steadfast development:
The industries in Taiwan are mostly SMEs but they mostly grow steadily. During the growth, the managers should always be grateful to the hard work of the forerunners and be humble to learn to accomplish great tasks.
Forward looking and smooth transition:
The sustainability of enterprises depends on the farsightedness of the leaders. Through formulation of the vision and practical implementation, the strength of the elders and youths can be coordinated to gather the momentum of the organization and lead the enterprise to more success.

For more information, please refer to NeST website