Management Consultant Certification Training Course

"The value of a consultant is not to catch fish for the client, but to teach him how to fish and ensure he learns it."

Average management training lacks depth due to its over-emphasis on skills training and overlooking the nature and capabilities of the managers for deeper inner exploration and experience conversion. The management consultant certification classes are "expert courses for experts." Participants explore the key elements of management and have their visions and capabilities elevated and expanded through learning, thinking, and simulation.

  • Tools are no longer just tools...but a set of management expert systems for the successful transformation and evolution of enterprises.
  • Managers are no longer just managers...but all-round enterprise operation consultants surpassing the realm of management.
  • Manufacturing and service are no longer just the division of industries...but a fusion of industrial innovation and capability.

CPC Management Consultant Certification Training Course are designed to forge and cultivate the professional competence of consultants. The content of expert learning and development of the classes is the essence of practical applications of the expert consultant teams. With a solid cultivation mechanism, it steadily takes root across the manufacturing and service industries. The cross-sector integration of the Total Solution approach is a key to development of the leading management consultants. Over the past 36 years, the CPC Management Consultant Certification Training Course have successfully nurtured countless outstanding management consultants who have greatly contributed to the industrial upgrading and transformation. The sequentially arranged syllabus ensures that the learners develop their own set of management knowhow. These training courses not only introduce the trainees to the various aspects of professional consultants, but also have the essence of the expert consultants, their thinking, language, methods, and actions instilled into the trainees so that they are fully equipped with the essential qualities of the new-generation professional consultants.