Message from the President

Insistence on the Truth, Permanent Commitment

The past few years have witnessed drastic and rapid changes in the external environment. The Industry 4.0 policy of Germany has led the development of the manufacturing industry from quantitative to qualitative changes. The widespread application of AI, IoT, Big Data, and smart robots, along with the Sino-US trade war, the rise of protectionism, and the integration of regional economies have exercised immense influence on product development and business models. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has smashed the global economy, and recovery lies far in the indefinite future. Under such circumstances, enterprises are tempted to neglect their core values of long term sustainable management in order to reduce costs and increase short term profits.

I have always advocated the concept of the industrial ecosystem, and regarded the pursuit of balanced and sustained development of the people, objects, and environment as a common responsibility for human beings. Since 1990, with the growing awareness of the importance of the green economy, the zero-sum relationship of the wastage economy needs to change to the pursuit of a balanced economy. This is to create a common-good relationship, in which good care is taken of the labor, the environment, and energy consumption, and the ideas of balance, growth, and symbiotic relationship are upheld to achieve the effect of a sustainable development of people, objects, and environment. I have joined my CPC colleagues to develop intelligent and cross-sector integrated services. In the past year, we have successfully promoted many cases to the world through the cross-sector development of mutual-interest and symbiotic business ecosystem models. Through balancing, growth, and joint development, all members in the ecosystem move towards an operation model of smart manufacturing and smart service.

At this moment of restart and breakthrough, I have mixed feelings about the digital transformation of enterprises. To ensure our client enterprises a smooth connection to the new era of "smart manufacturing" and a pivotal position in the global value chain, CPC will continue to integrate management knowledge, develop the "MES + Smart Manufacturing Execution System" and build demo sites, as a part of our effort to realize smart manufacturing, promote digital transformation, and connect with international resources.