2010.09│Initiate “technology life and cultural station” color painting Xizhi drafts

CPC was founded in 1955 and has always been interested in contributing efforts to the local Xizhi since CPC headquarter moved to Xizhi District of New Taipei City in 1997. In celebration of the 55th anniversary, CPC expects to initiate the “technology life and cultural station” event in the art gallery of Xizhi Train Station, in order to paint the beautiful technology and cultural dreams for the local Xizhi customs and companies settled in Xizhi.

2010.06│Kaohsiung County Government commissioned to implement the “2010 revitalization and leaping forwards for Qishan Commercial District”

The Qishan commercial district has long played the important role of revitalizing the economy. The Kaohsiung County Government expected to promote the tourism in mountain city and the revitalization in economy and industries through this commission project.

2010.05│Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan commissioned to implement the “10th Wenxin Award”

The total corporate charity for the 10th Wenxin Award was approximately NTD2.2 billion, and the highest amount of charity since the foundation of Wenxin Award since 12 years ago. The CPC was commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs to implement the “10th Wenxin Award.”

2010.05│The Department of Commerce, MOEA commissioned CPC to implement the “2010 Enhancing the competitiveness of Franchise headquarters program.”

The program emphasizes on the “brand competitiveness,” “headquarter operation” and “headquarter information” as foundation for the franchise headquarters by selecting the suitable industries for counseling and using the case as propaganda to facilitate the learning of domestic companies.

2010.04│Taipei City Government commissioned CPC to implement the “International Marketing Plan for the Cross-Strait local specialty counseling, Taichung City Sun Cake.”

The International Marketing Plan for the Cross-Strait local specialty counseling, Taichung City Sun Cake consisted of the following jobs: “Sun Cake Cultural Festival, Industry and Commerce Investigation and Analysis, Merchandise Development and Counseling, package development and counseling, brand marketing and counseling, tourism factory counseling, special distribution counseling, Sun cake museum counseling, individual brand counseling, joint brand counseling, participation in international exhibition…etc.

2010.03│Taipei City Government commissioned CPC the implementation of volunteer recruitment and training for the “2010 International Taipei Flora Expo”

The Taipei City Government commissioned CPC for the implementation of volunteer recruitment and training, in order to introduce the public to the Flora Expo through the effectiveness of volunteers and to improve the service quality and image for the public. The volunteers recruited all joined services for the 2010 International Taipei Flora Expo.

2010.03│The Department of Commerce, MOEA commissioned CPC to implement the “Assisting the Service Industry with Innovative Research Development Program”

To promote the development of commercial service industry and to encourage the service industry to invest in the research of new service products, new operational patterns, new marketing pattern, or the development of new commercial application technology, in order to enhance the competitiveness of service industry.

2010.02│Small and medium enterprises, MOEA commissioned for the implementation of “SMEs Business Leadership Study Program”

“SMEs Business Leadership Study Program” aimed to strengthen the competitive advantage of Taiwan industries by assisting the SMEs higher-level managers to cohere to the consensus of industry economy and development in response to the changes and impacts from global politics, economy, society, and technology, in order to set up a new paradigm for corporate managers, creasing new advantages of small and medium enterprise and to cultivate senior managers of SMEs with forward-looking and global horizon.

2009.05│The Department of Commerce, MOEA commissioned CPC to implement the “Promotion of Innovative Service for Distribution Industry and Talent Attraction Plan”

The distribution industry has stepped into the management trend of technological and innovative development. When faced with rise of different emerging distribution industries, the critical talents become the important cornerstone of corporate development in current stage. Enterprises should consider the foundation for planning human resource allocation in distribution industry and actively provide counseling for Taiwanese enterprise and the Taiwanese business people in China in order to expand international horizon and to committee in recruiting more suitable talents.

2009.04│Small and medium enterprises, MOEA commissioned CPC to implement the “Incubation Training Program for Professionals.”

The SMEs of MOEA commission CPC specifically the incubation training program for professionals, using forward-looking, professional and diverse training system to shape up the power of our innovative entrepreneurship incubation and counseling services and to fully upgrade the survival and success rate of new entrepreneurships.