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In the early 1950’s as the roc economy gradually began to grow 1950 a wide number of industries found themselves in the early stages of development

10 years and the year of 1955

How many things can 10 years change? New born babies grow into children and traditional industries shift to digital industries. During the 10 years of my position in CPC, I have gone through the 50th anniversary and to unfold such touching disciplines repeatedly during the tranquil reforms at each phase. My colleagues and I have put in all efforts and we are proud without the slack.

 How much discipline from storms can rainbow blossom? For years, CPC has established knowledge management platform, promote the four cultures, discipline organization, organization of the CPC 50th Anniversary ceremony, launching the “Hand in hand to Xizhi” that delivered charity to Xizhi, initiating industry excellence service team, unfolding CPC WAY and CPC Hope Blueprint, restructuring vision of CPC… These efforts aim to help CPC become the “the most reliable and valuable business management consulting institute among Chinese corporations.” Today, we continue to uphold “responsibilities” to unfold CPC WAY with basis in the core of “responsibilities” and put in efforts to create excellence.

Next year is the centennial year for R.O.C. CPC is pleased to greet the thriving moment for witnessing the history. As the key promoter in the industry train, we perceive major responsibility. In the future, our State intends to promote the six major emerging industries, the four major wisdoms, and the development of 10 major service industries. We will also assist with improvement with respect to management. Regardless of the industries, the industries must pursue sound development with regards to the corporate nature, culture and vision before becoming excellent business. Similarly to the physical and mental strength, only mentally and physically healthy persons can achieve the foundation of Taiwan infrastructure.

CPC has reached 55 years of foundation this year and it has been 10 years since I took the offer as general manager. Everything was like yesterday. Along the path, we must continuously crate peaks and believe in that there will still be many challengers waiting to test us. To create the new layout, we must continuously take disciplines before taking the test of continuous climbing on high peaks and we must greet with turbulent times.

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