Integrated Business and Training Services Division

  • Co-organize China Productivity Center’s major projects and the development of new innovative products
  • Arrange Cross-Strait observational study missions, formulate and perform related tasks on the development of training and consulting services
  • Prepare and implement open training courses across all levels of industry sectors
  • Execute and expand above business scopes and related fields including public sector programs

Manufacturing Division

  • Precision Production and Corporate Reform Counseling
  • Corporate management system integration counseling
  • Comprehensive corporate quality management system counseling
  • Comprehensive security management system counseling certificaton
  • Service industry quality control system counseling
  • Production manufacturing technology planning and design
  • Corporate business management professional staff training

Agriculture and Service Business Division

This team bases on the agriculture and service industry’s innovative and value-added counseling platform to provide the local cultural industry deepening, commerce, circulation, food and service innovation, and brand and marketing development professional services, to integrate related resources.
We apply management methodologies and tools to assist agriculture and service industry and local cultural industry developing and expanding business and market.

Creative Industries Division

  • Design and innovation staff incubation and training
  • Development and introduction of knowledge management platform for design industry
  • Planning and implementation of large exhibition activities
  • Diagnosis and counseling for design management
  • Provide CBIS(CPC Business Innovation System) consulting service
  • Product design / Industrial design
  • Package design
  • Graphic design
  • CIS design
  • Website multimedia application design

Technical Service Division

Technical Service Division Team promote full range of information communications technology and research development of business counseling, leads to government R & D resources, patent portfolio, R & D promotion, transfer production Restoration, knowledge management, project management to assist, to provide one-stop business research and innovation service.
Also provide the training course, counseling and information services to help the enterprises establish a full range of integrated services and knowledge management systems through information services.

We robust business development environment, and counseling to assist the enterprises grant government resources.

Except private sector we also corporate public sector to establish civil engineering management system, Our Pcals Public Domain cals, information system for CALS, to share with the joint project database and Internet, to improve the efficiency and quality of service aims. Creating a plant project to provide project management solutions, to Integrate administrative operations and investment professionals, to create a plant costs, to improve management efficiency and information exchange standard, cloud Service, etc.

Taichung Office

  • Corporate management consulting, coaching, and educational training.
  • ERP & MIS application management, computer related technology consulting, and educational training.
  • Official Labor safety and health program training.
  • Related Industry technology consulting, and educational training.
  • Commercial district development, consulting, and planning.
  • Classroom rental, library service, media selling.

Tainan Office

The Tainan Office of CPC was found in January 1957 and currently located on No. 52, Dapu Street, Central District, Tainan City, which is adjacent to the Yen Ping Chun Wang Temple and National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School, about 2 kilometers away from the Tainan train station with accessibility to transportation and parking. In addition to setting up local offices, a total of 5 classrooms with capacity for training staff of 286. In addition to complete teaching facility, a vocational training institute is found qualified for registration at the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan. Currently there are 20 colleagues whose scope of services including public corporations and institutes of Taiwan county and city. The service items were divided into educational training and consultancy counseling inquiries. The office has accumulated profound educational training and consultancy counseling experiences with high recognition from the customers for the past 50 years.

Kaohsiung Regional Office

The Kaohsiung Regional Office of CPC was founded in January, 1984 and moved to the 15 and 16 floors of Taifong Empire Building, No. 232, Chenggong 1st Road, Lingya district, Kaohsiung City in June, 1993. The current address is located between the intersection of Chenggong 1st Road and Cingnian 2nd Road. The location is adjacent to the commercial district of Hanshin Department Store with convenient transportation and about 20 minutes from Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung train station. In addition to the regional office, there are 6 classrooms that can accommodate about 250 trainees. The teaching facilities are well equipped and qualified for registration with Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan. Currently there are 35 colleagues whose scope of services including public and private corporations and institutes of Kaohsiung city and Pintong. The service items were divided into educational training and consultancy counseling inquiries. The office has accumulated profound educational training and consultancy counseling experiences with high recognition from the customers for over the past 30 years.